Zaman’s Tuesday links

Step into Zaman’s world, here’s a collation of a few links, shared by the team, to websites that we’ve tapped into for a little inspiration this week.

Enjoy! – Art & culture magazine. – A newest social network on the block. Think visual cataloging service meets a platform that let’s users create collection they like across the web (images). – Online luxury & lifestyle magazine. site focused on Architecture, Design, Life Style, Nature, Art & Photography. – “From inspiration, interviews, education and tutorials, seeks to help designers and those inspired by design to create a better world and promote their efforts on a global stage.” ~ – Creative portal backed by a global team of editors and contributors sifting through innovations in design, technology, art and culture across the world. – Popular and influential architecture and design blogs on the internet. – German creative agency with a proclaimed fetish for paper (see their ‘About Us’ page).