Zaman’s signature calendar

It’s that time of the year again – we’ve starting couriering our signature Zaman calendar for 2012 to our clients & business partners.

Originally we came up with the idea of a Zaman calendar as something that would reflect Zaman’s creativity but also serve as a self-marketing tool that actually provides some kind of functional value to our clients and partners ensuring we stay top of mind, or “on the desk – next to your computer” if we’re going to be literal.

Zaman’s signature calendar stand is designed 100% in house. It is a simple and elegant design made out of clear plexiglass material to enable one to see both the calendar side and as well as the artwork.

Every year we look for a specific theme based on a subject that has inspired us. Three years ago the artwork for the calendar was a fusion of Arabic and Latin typography, East meets West. The following year we looked at Arabic pattern work. For our 2011 calendar we wanted to celebrate the refinement of crafts in the Middle East and their potential evolution.

Staying true to all things authentically Arab, a common theme in all our designs is the use of beautiful contemporary imagery of Arabic artisanship and craftsmanship in a way that celebrates and honours the finest crafts of the Middle East.

Delivered to all of our clients our calendar has become a popular fixture often resulting in a few queries from client’s wanting to know why they haven’t received theirs yet!

We’d like to think that Zaman’s signature calendar has become a vehicle to spread Arabic culture and heritage. Each page month has a unique artwork which means that the calendar in essence then becomes a piece of collectible art that can even be framed and used as a wall hanging or simply to adorn one’s desk.

Our 2012 calendar is inspired by the colourful exterior decorations of cargo trucks from Pakistan (and India) commonly referred to as ‘Jingle trucks’. These customized trucks are often a reflection of the personal taste of the driver as well as representations of a specific origin & sometimes even incorporate elements from the routes they regularly drive. It’s quite common to see poetry and well formed scenes as part of the artwork. Look out for a post from team member Nadia Abdeen, who was responsible for the fieldwork research.

Our calendar provides us with another canvas to display our team’s talent & to give you another peek into the world of things that inspire us in the Arab world.

Enjoy the pictures!