Zaman’s Radar (Busier than DXB Airport !)

We have scratched beneath the surface and uncovered a wealth of the team’s creative influences. Here are some of recent treasures.

“Tableau” photographs have been created since the beginning of photography. However, we find Metz+Racine props cleverly staged and witty. The sets evoke the essence of craft and their constructed scenes remind us of the cubists painters. Their stylized use of colors and pure geometrical forms create elaborate architectural sets with wonderland aesthetics.

We love the assortment of balloons and the Winter Olympic flags that Andrew B Myers created. His top down view on objects staged against simple color backgrounds remind us of the pop colors of the 70s and 80s.

Christine Gustafsson and Nicolas Lydeen have embarked on a unique artistic journey. AGONISTParfums are presented in handcrafted glass created in collaboration with glass artist Asa Jungnelius. Every detail is exclusively developed with regard to nature and raw material. ISIS for instance is bottled in a glass sculpture that had tension inside which made it crack and break during the installation to express the bud bursting in spring. Wait until they discover the individuality of Oud.

As the season for festivals is about to start in Dubai, we were wondering if there is room for a holistic event like the DUMBO festival in New York. DUMBO is only for three days in September. However, its impact is felt for the whole year as the participants who win the hearts of the public get to stay and are offered free space. In its 2nd year of practice they received more than 200,000 visitors and got emerging artists to exhibit side by side with established professionals. This year they are aiming for more. The objective: “the best free contemporary art experience for all ages for years to come”. Now there’s a challenge.

Pascal Zoghbi is one of only a few designers working in the relatively new discipline of contemporary Arabic typography. Having studied extensively in Europe, Zoghbi returned to his hometown of Beirut in Lebanon to found 29letters. His work involves creating new Arabic typefaces, corporate identities and print publications. Understanding the structure of traditional calligraphic styles is important to contemporary Arabic typeface design, and Zoghbi’s objective is to create a balance between the old and the new.

Last but by no means least for this blog The Oh my God Exhibition takes a geometric look at character design. In ancient Greece they had something better than superheroes; they had gods, each with their own powers, weaknesses, backstory and followers. Each one a brand. Presenting them in this contemporary form could induce new interest amongst a young audience.