We are celebrating the brands that have inspired us because of their authenticity.

After 2 weeks of launching 100 Most Authentic Arab Brands we ask ourselves what is making some brands have more votes then others and what really makes an authentic Brand.

An authentic brand has loyal customers and employees who willingly share their experiences and stories which reinforce the brand’s claims and messages. This is really critical in an age where there are so many brand choices. Consumers are drawn to the brands that have an engaging identity and a genuine commitment to deliver that promise.

So, we ask you, when you are voting for your favourite Brands what are the main points that make that Brand your favourite?

So far our top 10 most voted Brands are:

Animals of Lebanon with 241 Votes

Forsight Gallery 267 Votes

Soura 254 Votes

Al Qasba 209 Votes

Brownbook 195

Rajadano 88 Votes

Oasis Magazine 76 Votes

Khaleejesque 72 Votes

Effa 60 Votes

Rotana Votes

Votes taken at the time of writing. Check the website for the latest results.