Values in Crisis?

I once read somewhere that well being is when people cherish some set of values and do not feel any threat to them. And crisis is when they cherish values, but do feel them threatened. But what if they are not aware of any cherished values nor experience any threat? That’s the experience of indifference, which if it involves all their values, becomes apathy. Suppose we take that thinking and project what some organizations in the airline industry say their values are; For instance:

Emirates Airlines: Committed to providing the highest possible level of professional Service

British Airways: Continually review how we fly, what we fly, and what we buy

Singapore Airlines: Exclusivity made more personal

Al Itihad Airlines: National Airline of the UAE

Middle East Airlines: ???

Which of the above organizations seem threatened? Which one should panic? And which one is living life on the periphery?

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by Grace Yacoub