With the recently held Oscars stilling providing much fodder for in-house talk on the red carpet fashions, deserving wins, overdue wins (sorry Leo), and more, today’s blog post is inspired by one incident that went viral and apparently “broke” the Internet. For those who don’t know, the Oscars host, comedian and American talk show host Ellen Degeneres did her best to lessen up the customary formalities of the entire event by taking photo selfies with random A-list stars in the audience as well as backstage. This one particular selfie, went on to break Twitter history by being the most retweeted tweet in…well Twitter history. The comedian’s group selfie taken with her Samsung phone (great product placement by the way) quickly garnered retweets from around the world nearing Barack Obama’s record of 778,800 retweets within 30minutes. Within the hour, the tweet went on to surpass one million retweets, making it far and beyond the most-retweeted tweet of all time.

From this we’ve drawn inspiration for today’s short post to put a spotlight on engagement & understanding how to effectively measure twitter for the particular benefit of brands that have a twitter presence.

And so we found a couple of interesting online guides to effective measurement of twitter analytics. Below are a few more links which we’ve bookmarked and will be making our through. Perhaps our blog readers can also find some value.

Complete Guide to Twitter Analytics via Simply Measured

Using Twitter Analytics for Business Success via Business to Community

Twitter gets Comprehensive Analytics via Forbes