‘Typographic Matchmaking in the City’ is a documentary about an urban typographic research project investigating new approaches for bilingual lettering and poetic narrative for public space.

Bringing together designers from different cultural backgrounds to intensely collaborate, over a period of 2 years, on creating coherent products with groundbreaking results, a project such as this demonstrates the important role that design can play in initiating cultural change, assimilation and integration—by simply using our daily basic communication mode: the written word.

The project consisted of 5 teams of 15 Dutch and Arab designers (type designers, graphic designers, architects, and industrial designers) who collaborated on designing new bilingual typefaces conceived for 3-dimensional/architectural design applications. The documentary film gives a visual insight into the design process and the people behind it, and is really one of the bi-products of  a project which gave birth to 5 new bilingual font families (Arabic & Latin) that are inspired by and made for the urban public space as well as one book. More details can be found here about the project can be found here.