‘Try something new’ 30days challenge inspired by TEDtalks

With the TED2012 Full Spectrum conference well under way, we’re falling in love again with old TED talks. Today’s one by Google Engineer Matt Cutts on trying something new for the next 30days is particularly inspiring & a must watch for creative folk.

When was the last time you tried something new? Learn’t something new?

Many professionals in the creative industry will agree that one of the most critical things to enable you to deliver to the best to your clients is to be continuously inspired.

Taking oneself out of a comfort zone by trying new things is a very good way of opening one’s mind to possibilities & fresh perspectives, which is why we really like this short, lighthearted TED talk on changing one’s mindset in terms of setting & achieving goals.

With March just around the corner we can’t think of any better time to start your 30-day challenge!