Today we’re inspired by…

How many images does a designer look at in one day? “Perhaps a question better answered with a range – 100 to 150” says Dejana our resident Creative head.

Everyday at Zaman, whether looking for inspiration for a client project or taking a little downtime to discover what’s new in the world wide web we always come across an image, logo, ad, video or song that makes us go “wow”.

Below is a short list of links to websites that we’ve bookmarked this week.

Enjoy! Online source for latest architecture news – projects, events, competitions, events, etc

http://www.yatzer.comYatzer is a global online destination for fine and applied arts” ~ Yatzer Showcase a wide range of digital artistic production by creatives across the African continent or of African origins. Portfolio of Russian illustrator specializing in innovative paper designs

[Video] ‘Human Odyssey: Living, Being’ by Saad Rabia The world’s first user generated refreshment company

[Article] Braille Burger in South Africa A South African fast food chain uses sesame seeds to send a delicious message to the blind. A forum for fresh thinking and conversation about clean technology and sustainable infrastructure, managed by General Electric. – Hip hop & lifestyle