With only two weeks left to the end of 2012, here’s a quick roundup post of the things that have inspired us over the last couple of days:

“Taiwanese artist and sculptor Mary Leu creates amazingly realistic and detailed wooden sculptures of fabric-made items that could easily be mistaken for the real things. Transforming mundane laundry—such as socks, towels and underwear—into fascinating works of art, one can actually see the miniscule weaves of fabric imprinted on these wood-carved creations upon closer inspection.” via DesignTaxi

Next up is an interesting TEDx talk on shifting our mindsets from consumption to contribution and what designs emerge if we assume that people want to lead selfless lives. TEDxBerkeley Designing for generosity.

A sneak peek inside Google’s top secret data centers by way of images like the two below featured on the Design Milk website.

One of many Tumblr blogs that we have bookmarked is Merde! Petit-Maitre.

As the year draws to a close, online video hub YouTube has unveiled the top 20 most-watched ads of the year.

Earlier this week, the Google Analytics team released a series of comedic video illustrations of Customer Experience when it comes to online shopping. A must watch for ecommerce brands to reconsider how they can sometimes risk annoying & losing potential customer conversions.

Do you have any interesting content that you’ve recently bookmarked?