The Emergence of an Art Brand. Zaman develops Sikka for Dubai Culture’s new Art Fair

In March Dubai Art & Culture Authority launched ‘SIKKA’ as a fringe art fair to coincide with the ever successful Dubai Art Fair. Housed in the evocative Al Bastakiya area of Bur Dubai, the fair was intended to expose emerging Emirati and other locally based artists as well as support the artistic community at large.

Zaman was commissioned to create an identity that differentiated this fair from all actions around Dubai Art Fair, and the result is as vibrant as the art it represents. We based the identity on a fluorescent color palette and the English and Arabic fonts were stenciled with a raw, artisanal style. This ensured high and immediate visibility and its contrast with the historic environs recognized the artists achievement in creating bold and breakthrough compositions.

As well as a memorable visual experience, SIKKA intended to create an interactive relationship between the artists and audiences so Zaman created maps and way-finding signs that ensured visitors enjoyed the ‘gate to gate’ event program. This was supported by a matrix of branded information stands, merchandising and a web site that will continue to be a point of reference as the 2012 SIKKA Art Fair is developed.

We adapted our graphic design to create a geographical map of Al Bastkaiya and an information booth that allows visitors to visually experience SIKKA before they get there.

An array of colorful flags surrounded Al Bastakiya adding life to the venue.

The fluorescent pink logo was seen all around the ‘Sikka’s’ on many people’s shoulders, bringing life and color to the Fair.

We developed a micro website with a tight deadline of one week both in Arabic and English. The web design was done in  such a way to create an instant impact with strong images taking much of the space and the practicality and functionality of the website itself giving the ability for users to download the program for the fair. Social Media feeds were introduced to establish a close connections to Art lovers and followers to receive to up to the minute information on talks, workshops and exhibitions.