INTERN SPOTLIGHT – Say hi to our intern Maryam

Every summer Zaman runs an internship program where design and communications students from the colleges across the UAE have the opportunity to spend a couple of weeks working alongside our creative team to get a feel for the agency life.

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to our current intern Maryam, who’ll be working with us for a couple of weeks. To get to know Maryam a bit better, I asked her to answer a short Q&A and share an image that best represents her interests.

Full name: My name is Maryam Mohammed Ahmed

Name of current college/university and your chosen course of study: I’m studying at the American University of  Sharjah’s College of Art, Architecture and Design. My chosen major is Visual Communication, which I find quite interesting.

Could you share 3 of your favourite blogs/websites?

1. I quite like Tumblr, which is a popular blogging platform for the creative and design fraternity.

2. – This is the official website of the OBEY sticker campaign, which is described by its founder as an experiment in ‘phenomenology’, where the term phenomenology is the process of letting things manifest themselves or any attempts to enable people to see clearly something that is right before their eyes but obscured.”

3. – “Website of The Mucha Foundation which is an independent, non-profit making charity devoted to preserving and conserving the Mucha Trust Collection and promoting the work of Alphonse Mucha; a Czech art noveau painter and decorative artist known best for his distinct style in paintings, illustrations, ads, postcards and designs.”

Complete the following sentence: “Illustration is…a place where I get to explore.”

Complete the following sentence: “5 years from now I will be…an illustrator for children’s and history books.”

Welcome Maryam!