Zaman was asked to help in organizing the new campaign architecture and creating the messaging, tactics, and design of the campaign for Mashreque Bank.

Al Mashreq is one of the leading retail banks in the UAE. To upgrade its level of relationship with its clients, it decided to introduce an innovative metrics that allows its customers to benefit from consolidating their accounts under the bank. Moreover, the bank teamed up with a reputable lifestyle curator to offer the wealthy customers a unique bespoke award program.

By doing so, the bank changed its positioning from the populist retail bank to a more niche targeted institution. They chose to call their transformation “Salam”. Salam would be the platform by which they introduce the new level of banking and recruit customers gradually.

Zaman was asked to help in organizing the campaign architecture and creating the messaging, tactics, and design of the campaign.

As there were many messages to send, Zaman response was to simplify the messaging by creating several awareness campaigns and layering them to work effectively to build an aura around Salam.

The objectives of the campaign were as follows:

1.     Create Top of Mind Awareness about the bank’s initiative Salam

2.     Introduce new metric system – Mosaics

3.     Create Awareness about the rewards program

4.     Create an integrated campaign that allows the bank to communicate the revolutionary launch internally and with a select number of customers and prospects.

Zaman response:

The first challenge was to build the tone of campaign on a simple message that allows customers to understand all the innovations. Not only did we want to seduce the audience, we needed them to want to reach out to the first account manager or branch to help them experience the new products. We also wanted them to realize the level of personalization that the bank is introducing.

There were many new names, many new products, and many mechanisms that will hit the customer. The campaign needed to describe the innovative technological features and at the same time show how online screen works.  So we simplified it.

In advertising Mosaic, we recreated a virtual web screen in an image that evoked the intimacy of interaction between the customer and the product. The image needed to be compelling and sophisticated. So we used mono colors , dramatic lighting, and styled the photography to be minimalistic to allow the least interference between the model and the screen.

For launching Salam, we used a teaser. First with the bank employees, then with the general public. We wanted to excite them and get their attention. We wanted Salam to reflect the new age of banking. We showed the new  logo as an aura, rising, glowing, and shining.

For Rewards, we focused on creating characters. We wanted our audience to be seduced by the luxurious bespoke rewards. So we showed the products they could get and their level of sophistication. We wanted to be as chic as a new luxury brand.