With the Abu Dhabi Art 2012 just over a month away, in today’s post we’re putting the spotlight on one of the highlights of last year’s fair. In 2011 Abu Dhabi Art invited select designers to participate in its Design Studio – a series of live demonstrations intended to capture the imagination of visitors. Emirati designer, Khalid Shafar, was one of the participating artists given a space of 15 sq metres to showcase a kinetic installation enabling audiences to interact with his work. Shafar used the platform to launch the KHALID SHAFAR 2012 new lighting object called ‘T’ – a stand to tell the tale of his new object the T chandelier.

“T chandelier is an illumination telltale inspired by Emirati culture and crafts.

In the UAE the making of the ‘Talli’ – a type of embroidery that is used to decorate traditional dresses for Emirati women and often includes gold and silver thread – is considered one of the traditional clothes tailoring crafts. When making Talli, women sit on the floor and use a small stand called a ‘Kujoojeh’ which has a small capsule shape cushion on top to knit the intricate shapes and colours by crossing and weaving the threads. It is these traditional simple tools that inspired the ‘T’ chandelier.” (Source: Abu Dhabi Art)

To read more on Khalid Shafar’s other works and his approach to design, you can visit his site here.