A Dutch artist has found a way to revive interest in what happens outside during a commuter’s journey on a public bus using transparent, GPS-synchronized smart screens integrated in the bus windows. Historical scenes are projected over what is seen through the window, telling the traveller what happened here years or decades ago. If for example all of a sudden a herd of cows appears on the pavement, that signifies a former cattle market.

The projected historical scenes and narratives are important events that took place years or decades ago. On the bus ride, commuters get a chance to see herds of cows on the passing landscape that signifies a former cattle market. Hot-air balloon sightings are also geo-synchronized to appear as soon as the bus passes by a specific part of town. Short enough to keep your attention, but detailed enough to offer insightful information, these mini-lessons are a great way for both locals and visitors to familiarize themselves with the city.

Do you think that the RTA should consider doing something similar for the Dubai Metro?

More about the artist. More about the project – here.