Canned fish doesn’t quite conjure ideas of delicacy or fine dining, however if this packaging is anything to go by, this Portuguese brand we’ve come across is doing a great job of changing this mindset.

Hailing from Portugal José Gourmet is a canned goods range of sardines, squid alongside jams, olive oil, wine, and vinegar. In terms of the concept behind the product, here’s a description from the website:

JOSE is a very old “trademark”, since, we heard about JOSE of Nazareth… Amongst common people and throughout the centuries and continents a lot of fabulous JOSE’s can be found. Recently, some of the best that Portugal has to offer has the “trademark” JOSE, for example, JOSÉ Mourinho and JOSÉ Saramago.

Three years ago, we started the association from this old and prestigious “trademark” with products. Olive oil from the oldest trees within our borders, firewater from Lourinhã, canned goods from the seas of our coast and more. We selected some of the best classics, created some new ones, “dressed” them according to our century and showed them to the world. We believe in sustained growth and what to be “somewhere” in 5 years seeking the balance between work and fun in between. We want to show you that Portugal has great products that deserve the recognition and consumption of those that really appreciate quality and most of all, provide that same recognition to who, with great care, makes them.” – website link

According to the little bit of research we did, the conceptualization of the packaging design and the entire brand aesthetic was left to a designer called Luis Mendonça, who apparently has no background in package design. A deliberate move which according to the Jose Gourmet team was to inspire an out-of-the-box thinking. We think they most certainly achieved this.

This brand reinforces the idea that beautiful presentation is just as important as having a delicious product. Visit our Facebook page to see more images – link.