Recycled furniture – from something old to something new

Today we’re feeling quite inspired by these recycled furniture pieces designed by Katie Thompson – a South African interior designer on a mission to transform the ordinary to extraordinary. Her ability to find beauty and purpose from discarded, impractical and broken pieces to create a unique collection of recycled furniture pieces, each with its own character, is simply genius.

Her collection ranges from furniture and lighting to interior accessories.  You can find out more about the creative process behind her collection, her eclectic use of style, materials and finishes and how she blends these with elements of South African craftsmanship on her blog here.

We can’t help thinking that perhaps Dubai could do with a little inspiration from this. Where the merits of all things new and shiny are everything what’s stopping us from celebrating the old & pre-loved? What’s stopping us from reflecting some of our emirate’s history and culture through creative furniture pieces? Perhaps it’s a simple case of minimal demand for recycled furniture means minimal supply. If this is the case we predict that this sentiment will change soon. As the weather has become much more pleasant, many flea markets have re-opened again for the season and for those of our blog readers who like us are firm fans of this recycled furniture concept an open mind and a quick trip to some of the souks and markets around Dubai could see one pick up some interesting interior accessories or furniture pieces that symbolize Dubai’s past years.

But for a city where even garbage recycling is not yet an everyday habit, asking to recycle old items into new recreated pieces might be a challenge. Fingers crossed though that this is a trend that will gain momentum as we do hope to see more galleries and specialist boutiques crop up to cater to fans in the near future. In the interim we’ll keep drawing inspiration from more of Katie Thompson’s pieces (see images below & here) as we also look out for DIY ideas on recycling old furniture pieces on sites like and Apartment and Chair Blog (to name a few!)

Katie Thompson – Suitcase chair