Rajadano shares with us their authentic Brand story.

Rajadano is part of the 100 Most Authentic Arab Brands that have been selected and is currently in 5th place.  At the time of writing this post Rajadano is holding 102 Votes.

Handbag artist  Rana Al Soliman brings a touch of the Middle East

Hailing from majestic Saudi Arabia, this artist and designer has an extensively interesting history in experimenting with various creative mediums.  Studied graphic design in the American College  London, (The American University), Rana attended various courses and workshops in the US and Europe to further perfect her creative skills.  Amongst her array of creative expertise, Rana counts painting, graphic design, Islamic drawing, Venetian glass blowing and flower arranging as favored indulgences; incorporating the design influence she acquired from these art forms into her leather bag designs.


Rajadano aspires to capture the essence of cultural nostalgia and ethnic beauty and make this accessible to the everyday fashionista.  Rajadano is not only an example of striking design mastery, but indeed a stark symbol of exclusivity. Inspiration for the ‘Rajadano Agate’ collection surfaced from grouping the tradition, mysticism and ethnic heritage of Saudi Arabia resulting in intricately detailed designs using traditional materials and beading to produce a genuinely unique pattern, with adornments of handcrafted leather embroidery and Agate semi-precious stones.

The ‘Rajadano Agate’ collection comprises of four different styles. An assortment from evening clutches to everyday shoulder bags, and in keeping with the Agate inspiration, the collection combines metallic leather with earthy tones and comes in three shades of brown, metallic colours of gold, silver and bronze alongside the classic black and white leather pieces. Embroidered with various Islamic patterns in silver and gold coloured thread, festooned with an array of differently coloured Agate stone, each Rajadano creation depicts an inimitable facet of style personality; a perfect embodiment of cultural enchantment.

The Rajadano “O Collection ” is an array of brightly-colored ostrich skin leather clutch bags in two styles aspired from the  arabian night mystic colors like Flame red , African violet , Mango , Crystal blue and more …Embroidered with islamic design patterns in silver  color and gold color threads ….delicate, luxuries  but bursting with refreshing  colors…..