Qatar Airways ‘24hrs in a city’

If you’ve flown Qatar Airways recently and flipped through their in-flight magazine ‘Oryx’ you might have noticed that they’ve been running an interesting print ad campaign, the central theme being things you’d do if you had 24hrs in a city like Barcelona or say Paris.

Suggestions on things to do at a destination by companies in the travel and tourism sector is not really anything new but what we particularly like about this ad campaign is that instead of just listing down the activities or sights (albeit with creatively written descriptions) Qatar Airways has commissioned some interesting illustrations full of colour and shapes that to show what one can do within 24hrs in that particular city.

Apart from being great keeper’s item (great idea for framing as a poster, maybe), for the more seasoned visitor to the destination we’d like to think that it also creates a bit of fun as you try to name all the images you recognize in each illustration.

Below are samples of the ads. Have you come across these ads? What do you think – hit or miss?

Images via Creative Roots