In 2011 Zaman launched 100 Most Authentic Arab Brands (100aab), a unique brand index aimed at gathering insightful public opinion on how Middle Eastern brands deliver on promises that they make to target audiences. The initial interest in this campaign by both media & the public was a clear sign for us that the mission of 100aab definitely struck a chord.

The context of the world today is that as consumers we are inundated with so many brand choices. In many cities across the Middle East region brand billboards are adding their colourful mark to the skylines of emerging markets. In our work as brand strategy consultants for the past 17yrs we have seen a variety of brands evolve and go on to achieve success and recognition both locally and internationally.

As we continue to gear up for a followup edition of 100aab, we have created the Authentic Arab Brands blog. The primary function of this blog to provide a dedicated space where we will explore deeper the tenets of authenticity and branding, drawing references from case studies or trends in international markets, as well as applying the context of Arab culture.

We look forward to your comments and contributions.