Meraas Art Fair



When Meraas decided to become a main sponsor of Art Dubai, the annual gathering of galleries for Arab and International art, the company wanted to demonstrate its ability to transcend its functional self to meet the aspirations of its audiences. As a prime development company, Meraas has quickly become the leader in creating places that truly resonate with their communities. Active, youthful, and cultured are key words that are repeatedly evoked when referring to destinations such as The Beach, Box Park, and City Walk. Zaman had to ensure that the intervention at Art Dubai was as artistic, impactful and engaging as the company’s approach to creating destinations.

Built as a tunnel to connect the fair’s two main hallways, the Meraas installation exposed visitors to a vibrant and immersive, multi-sensory conceptual art experience using as its raw material the commissioned street paintings that adorn the walls of City Walk.

Initiated by Meraas as a first in Dubai, 17 legendary street artists including Rone, Aiko, Eine, Magda Sayeg, and Blek Le Rat left their stamp all over City Walk. These creative street art installations have been a tremendous success with residents and visitors of Dubai. Zaman was commissioned to create a book to present these Dubai Walls. The colouful sleeve and cover use stencil and air brush to reflect the primary technique of graffiti. The grid is inspired by the dynamism of the City Walk logo. Each artist had a unique layout which captured their movement whilst doing the work and gave us the opportunity to cover the minutest details.In addition to the book, Zaman created an introduction about Meraas featuring the company’s imaginative approach to creating urban communities, their passion for contemporary architecture and their artistic approach to details and materials.

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