Antara is a significant addition to the residential living options for expatriates moving to Riyadh. With a brand promise of ‘Resort Style Living’ Zaman created a brand identity and comprehensive set of sales and marketing collaterals that set the project apart, just as the developers and architects intended.

Working closely with the sales team, Zaman developed a journey of engagement, recognizing each step in the awareness and decision-making process and plotting out the most effective experience and necessary support collaterals and messages to convert.

Zaman created a suite of brochures and floor plans, segmented by property type and features and rich in information graphics. These allowed the team to share the most relevant details according to the prospect’s profile. Similarly, the app-based sales presentation provided a fully interactive platform for guiding the prospect through the Antara experience that best suited their needs and desires.

The website is rich with the detailed renderings and video fly-throughs that Zaman created as well as the carefully curated lifestyle imagery that clearly reflect the living environment and benefits.

Zaman also built the communications strategy and messaging pillars for advertising and social media that are guiding the dialogue through the early phases of the project launch and beyond.

The result of our 14 months together is a highly integral brand experience that clearly distinguishes Antara in the marketplace and attracts the residents that will appreciate and build the community to bring the brand‘s elegant story to life.