Earlier this year, for Valentines Day, inspired by the popular reference of red as the colour of love, we’d written this  blog post on the meaning & role of colours as a crucial component of logo design. Conveying different messages to different audiences, it’s one of the most powerful non-verbal communication forms available. The well thought out use of colour in logo design helps in creating greater impact among target groups.

Below is a graph by design trends research house Emblemetric on the most popular colours used in logos by industry. While the insights may have been generated using a US-market target sample, alot of the brands analysed operate in global markets and/or have a heterogeneous target consumer, therefore some of the insights can be used to understand trends of logo colour use by Middle East brands.

Notable results: Red is used most often in the logos of the beverage and hospitality industries, and least often in insurance and medical services. Blue is used most in telecom and insurance, and least in hospitality marks.

What inspired the choice of colours in your company’s logo design? Does your logo ‘fall in line’ with the popular colours used in your industry?