open call to all design enthusiasts

Zaman is calling all Design enthusiasts in the Middle East to part of the ” Common Expressions” Design Competition.

As part of an ongoing investigation on how authenticity can be sustained in the Arab culture, Zaman is calling all Design Enthusiasts to be part of Zaman’s Signature Calendar.

“Common Expressions” is a collection of Arab proverbs which we hear everywhere. The challenge is to bring them to life through the eyes of emerging design enthusiasts that will add meaning to them through visual interpretations. Zaman’s Signature Calendar will feature the 12 best art works that will be selected and judged on artistic merit. See below  images of the calendar from previous years.

This competition is a bridge for design enthusiasts and Zaman to make their design commercially viable. The aim of the calendar’s next collection is to introduce new talent to the broad public and business community. The selected designers will feature on Zaman’s Signature Calender which has now become a reference amongst Zaman’s business community. You will receive a copy of the Calender and your art work will reference your name and contact.

Below are the 12 proverbs, pick the one that inspires you the most and start designing, there are no restraints in terms of your art form, the proverb you will choose will be your starting point in terms of inspiration….so start designing away…and go where your inspiration takes you..!

See our Rules of Entry for details on how to send your work.
ردت حليمة على عادتها القديمة
إن كان حبيبك عسل لاتلحسوا كلو
كلمة ياريت مابتعمر بيت
على قد فراشك مد رجليك
من عاشر القوم أربعين يوم صار منهم
طب الجرة على ثمها تطلع البنت على أمها
إذا أنت أمير وأنا أمير مين بيسوق الحمير
إعطي الخبز لخبازة لو أكل نصفة
اللي ما يعرف الصقر يشويه
غاب القط إلعب يافأر
الباب اللي يجيك منه الريح سده واستريح
القرد بعين أمه غزال

Rules of Entry:

  1. All artwork should be original and individual
  2. Each artist may enter one entry
  3. Selected artwork will be produced in Zaman limited edition calendar and will be shown on display during November 2011.
  4. By entering the Competition, all parties agree that Zaman has the right to Display, copy, and distribute
  5. Submissions not selected will be returned to artists

Judging Criteria:

  1. Entries will be evaluated by Zaman creative team and will be judged on artistic merit

Deadline for Submission: 5th of July

Send your work to Call for more info (+971) 04 326 1000

For more images of previous calenders calenders click here