1. 10 colours that increase sales & why – over the years there has been enough research that suggests specific colors tend to stir certain emotions in customers, which in turn creates brand relevance and motivates purchases. This article lists 10 colors that brands should consider to appeal to various audiences or project a certain message.

2. 45 Pinterest boards to inspire via Creative Bloq – a treasure trove of inspiration Pinterest for us is a definite reference when we’re developing mood boards for client projects (follow us here).

3. AirlineTrends.com – a good resource for staying updated on news about the airline industry. Topics covered include authenticity, social media, storytelling, co-branding, personalization & more.

4. Emirates NBD Rise campaign – as local bank Emirates NBD continues its 50th anniversary celebrations, we’ve noticed display ads like the one above directing us to the bank’s Rise campaign; which according to the site is “…a unique platform that celebrates their entrepreneurial spirit. Providing SMEs a forum to network, share learnings, explore business opportunities and grow. Helping them realize their true potential.” You can read more about the initiative here.

5. In the spirit of World Humanitarian Day (Aug 19th) we came across this interesting digital campaign that demonstrates how organizations & brands can work together to harness the power crowdfunding via social media. Led by the hashtag #theworldneedsmore this is a collaborative initiative between the UN & global brands like Gucci, Western Union, Intel to harness hashtags, trending topics & online chatter across across the world to raise funds for worthy causes. Full details here http://worldhumanitarianday.org/

6. What makes an ad worth spreading? How can brands create ads leverage the fact that we live in a participation age & customers want more than sale pitches. Article link here.

7. The Engagement Project – an initiative by Google to study, understand and prove the value of engagement in modern brand building.

The motivation, according to the website, is to leverage the current status quo in terms of how we communicate given that:

“Our digitally mediated lives are changing how we interact with each other and how brands engage consumers.”

The portal therefore serves as a repository of insightful whitepapers & lessons generated from interviews conducted with industry visionaries, the world’s biggest brands and content creators on the cutting edge, and researchers who are codifying our experiences.

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