Not Your Everyday Project

Here at Zaman we are used to branding challenges of all types and sizes, but recently we embarked on a truly unique project.

Working with the team from The Dubai Mall, we were briefed to create a brand and the collaterals for the exhibition of a dinosaur, a huge 80 ft long, 25 ft high, 5 tonnes, Diplocus dinosaur (

Bought and shipped from the Museum of Houston in the US, the permanent exhibit now gracing the Mall’s main entrance atrium is one of the most complete dinosaur fossils ever discovered. In keeping with The Dubai Mall’s approach of providing unique and world class experiences the exhibit is both an awe inspiring centre piece and an educational attraction.

Our challenge therefore was to develop an enduring brand identity that can be evolved and managed over time. Then to create an enlightening and entertaining set of collaterals – the video, to be shown on screens integrated into the exhibit’s base as well as a leaflet, a poster and the launch print advert.

For the launch we chose to tease, a close-up of the foot, an enquiry as to her whereabouts for 155 million years, all set amongst a dramatic red background and historic typeface. And then the content, researched in detail and with realistic images commissioned from specialist artist Andrey Atuchin (‎) animated to bring them even more to life. Visitors are certainly learning something during their visit.


In the next phase of this brand’s evolution the dinosaur will get a name, selected from public entries on the Facebook page. Zaman will then create a brand mark from the name and a campaign to announce the winning name. In doing so we will strengthen the personality of the dinosaur and deepen the public’s attachment to it. We are also developing a range of merchandise and a kiosk for its display that will help make our dinosaur a lasting memory for all those that visit her.


We look forward to reporting on the next step of her new life her in Dubai.