New social network ‘SalamWorld’ offers halal version of Facebook

Coming soon, to a browser near you, this July, is a new social network that describes itself as a ‘halal’ version of Facebook! Introducing SalamWorld.

According to an interview of the founder via TNW-Middle East SalamWorld was created as an answer to a low representation of Muslims across the world on the Internet – “…we’re not constructing an Internet mosque, we are just creating a halal environment for Muslims.”

In the video above SalamWorld is described as “The world’s first global, innovative, protected from harmful content, multi-language, and multi-cultural IT project. We created a virtual, model society, in the climate of peace and a package of halal Internet services that answer to the needs and requirements of the modern Muslim.”

Although the most popular social network on the planet today Facebook is always in the process of updating its harmful content restriction policies & user guidelines the SalamWorld founder firmly believes that there is indeed a gaping market opportunity for such a network platform that provides an appropriate atmosphere for Muslim netizens.

At Zaman we’re always keen to learn about tech startups in the Arab world but the TNW article does raise some valid points such as “Is a new social network, introducing an entirely different kind of walled garden, the right approach for an apparently conservative community, regardless of faith, politics or any labels?”

Additionally, with Facebook statistics via Social Bakers show growing user bases across countries with populous Muslim communities such as Indonesia (43million), Malaysia (12million), Thailand (14million) & Egypt (9million users) AND with 2011 regarded as the year of social media & advocacy for free & uncensored Internet…we’re curious to see just how this new social network proposes to entice users to a platform that hails moderation & restrictions as its USP.