As we ease into the month of November, following the conclusion of what has undoubtedly become the pinkest month of the year (October – Breast Cancer Awareness month); today’s post is inspired by another great health-related cause to advocate over the next 30days.

Movember (the month formally known as November) is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year. Originating in Australia in 2003, Movember aims to raise funds and awareness of men’s health issues by putting the spotlight on diseases such as prostate cancer. It has rapidly increased in the number of men taking part – by growing their moustaches (ofcourse) – and the amount of money raised in the nine years it’s been running. Likewise women, nicknamed ‘Mo Sisters’, readily show their support by engaging in all manner of fundraising too. Read here & here.

Not only is this a good cause that we hope will gain greater prominence to the levels that many socially responsible oriented businesses have embraced the Pink Month across the UAE (e.g. the 24-carat rose gold iPad auctioned by Burj Al Arab, ) but for those of us who, through no fault of our own, are truly clueless about the style variations available for that strip of facial hair – this Movember Moustache Manifesto infograph below from Mashable makes for an interesting browse as a Moustache101 crash course.