Full name: Sari Al Houseini

Name of college/university you graduated from and you chosen field within design: Bachelor of Fine Arts: Double Major in Creative Advertising and Graphic Design at the American University in Dubai.

Could you share 3 of your favourite blogs/websites?

  1. I enjoy using which is a microblogging platform that allows users to post multimedia of their choice and follow other users that share their interests. The platform is rich in graphic design blogs!
  2. is a website that presents you a selection of the most creative advertisements gathered from all around the world, everyday!
  3. is a website/blog and a book dedicated to the design of logos and brand identities. It is updated on a weekly basis with news, features, opinions, etc.

Complete the following sentence: Graphic Design…is creating one big idea that is well informed through research, logic, rationalism and knowledge that has a boringly consistent message with innovating, evolving and creative executions”

Complete the following sentence: “5 years from now I will be in my personal studio creating works and developing ideas in advertising, branding, marketing communications and graphic design”

Any image / video you’d like to share?

Yes, below is a video I did recently, which is basically a recreation of the science fiction film (Blade Runner 1982) title sequence. You can also view the video on my tumblr here.

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