Lost in translation

Lost in translation’ is probably one of the biggest risks that brands run when designing a marketing campaign targeted at audiences spread across varying geographies, cultures and demographics.

Yet for brands that have been able to successfully mitigate these risks come industry awards and most importantly a firm thumbs-up from their global customers who are able to experience the intended emotions and reactions to the brand’s messages.

Across the seas, American telecom operator AT&T is one such brand that successfully launched a global ‘Hands’ ad campaign that won it a few industry and people’s choice awards. Although the campaign was launched a year ago, even today the creativity behind it is still worth mentioning.

The ad campaign features human hands intricately painted and posed to depict iconic images representing countries around the world in which AT&T provides roaming services to its clients. From clever depictions of The Great Wall of China, moose (Canada), carnival (Brazil), wildlife (South Africa), Royal Buckingham Palace guards, boomerang (Australia), elephants (India) and more, the result is stunning imagery that draws viewers into the artwork while communicating AT&T’s brand proposition of having more phones that work in across many markets.

Interesting. Do you have any other examples of similar campaigns?

Source: Lost-in-translation.com

Source: Convozine.com