Living a Google world via ‘Project Glass’

As Facebook confidently makes its way to hitting the 1billion users milestone and be hailed the true king of all things social (as if we thought otherwise) there are many analysts, experts, industry watchers, etc, weighing in on search giant Google’s ongoing consolidation of its various product lines to try and challenge Facebook; some commentators even going as far as saying that “In some ways, Google’s fear of being left behind — that the web is now as identity-centric as Mark Zuckerberg wants it to be — is very understandable. In other ways, it’s baffling.” – writer Ryan Singel via article.

Well, if Google’s counter-strategy involves investing in initiatives such as the “Project Glass” illustrated in the video above where netizens are invited to imagine what living a Google life would be like, well we’re all ears [and eyes] and happy to play along and indulge in a bit of fantasy!