Leading Middle East sectors with authentic Arab brands

This week, as we continue to analyse the progress of the ongoing 100 Authentic Arab Brands survey we’ve noticed what seems to be a voter preference for brands from certain sectors, specifically when it comes to those that have dominated the top 10 positions over the past couple of weeks.

During the selection process of the final 100 brands nominated for the vote we ensured that we had a fair representation across major business sectors in the Middle East – airlines, banking, telecom, regional governing bodies, arts and culture, media, jewellery, NGOs, confectionary, infrastructure and more. What’s interesting to note though is that brands within media, hospitality and the cosmetics sectors have been dominating the top 10 most authentic brand positions almost since the start of our survey, enjoying the most voter response in terms of actual votes and comments left both on Facebook and Twitter.

If we look at media for example, the current brands in the top 10 are Al Arabiya News channel and print publications Soura magazine, Desert Fish magazine and Oasis Magazine and until most recently Brownbook, which slipped out of the top 10 after a long stint.

Why is this so?

Well we can’t conclude that non-media brands are not authentic. That would be hasty and quite unfair. But for anyone that’s picked up an edition of one of the magazines, we’re putting our bets on the editorial quality of publications that has resonated with their Arab audiences. Fresh, independent and showcasing the creative best of the Middle East, these brands have managed to successfully tap into market niches offering content in unique formats that have developed almost a cult-like following; judging by the comments left online by our voters. Not bad.

Have you read any of the magazines or watched the news channel? Do you think there’s a reason why Arab consumers are voting for media brands? What other brand sectors would you expect to be popular in the region?