Khaleejesque- Your online bridge across the Gulf.

Khaleejesque is one of the most authentic arab brands to be at the top ten most voted brands. Khaleejesque inspires to bring  together  all that is going on in the region in terms of art and design, society, trends and much more.

Fouz and Noufa Al-Sabah, decided one day to create a world full of excitements and new discoveries in different ranges, not just in Kuwait but, in the five gulf neighbouring countries as well . They managed to combine different categories in one place called Khaleejesque . This online magazine contains everything you want to know that’s happening in the Arabian Gulf starting from lifestyle, to fashion, entertainment, to art and design, sports and events.

The Gulf is a hub of emerging talent, and so far little has been accomplished by way of covering this flourishing culture. Under the gaze, and under the steam of the two avid Kuwaiti bloggers who first set up Khaleejesque in 2009 as a pet project, it has metamorphosed into a highly-read, much-respected local source.
Khaleejesque aims to hold mirrors up to the many cultural faces of the Gulf, which are tied by shared ideologies, histories, values and futures. Then, as if it were making a beautiful mosaic out of the reflective shards, Khaleejesque aims to create a cohesive and powerful whole. Essentially a collaborative effort, Khaleejesque covers all that is going on in the region in terms of art and design, society, trends and much more.
Begun from the grassroots, the magazine has continued to grow fast – their talented team of over 70 freelance writers have published over 600 articles that have reached readers in over 100 countries. Local journalists with their fingers firmly on the pulse will write about all that is going on and chic in the Khaleej.
Though geographically close Khaleeji people often have no clue what is hot and what
is not between one Gulf state and the next. Khaleejesque is about to change all that. On re-launching Khaleejesque has featured a story about Hamad Al-Zemami, the emerging Kuwaiti literary talent; a piece on what to expect of the four day Art Dubai

The Khaleejesque of the future will support local talent, create a cultural hub that
nurtures creative talent in the Gulf region, and facilitate other content-driven
websites under the “Khaleejesque” umbrella.

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