If you were a building which building would you be?

We recently came across a piece of work, which grabbed our attention.

Federico Babina, an illustrator based in Barcelona, has produced a series of beautifully illustrated and plausible architectural structures, as if several well-known artists had created them. The fun part is that we can recognize the artist (depending on how much time we have spent roaming the museums and galleries of the world) through these caricatures even in a medium they never used.

The work shows how the artists, such as Picasso, Lichtenstein, Dali and Warhol, managed to create unique styles so defined over time that they are easily recognizable through their colours, tones, textures, shapes, structures, scale etc.

In turn, we project all that we know of the artist’s character and nuances on to it. Then, by asking ‘What type of building would I be’, we choose our preferences and use them to reflect how we want the world to regard us.

We like the clear comparison with the branding process.

Consistently and creatively using the elements of a brand’s visual identity system will create the recognition, understanding and engagement with the target audience and let them use the brand to reflect themselves in their own world.

That’s a powerful and valuable relationship to be part of. Take a look for yourselves. Federico’s work can be seen here.