QFIB, a new approach to banking, was born amidst the global financial crisis. Derived from sound Islamic principles of sharing and integrity, its story capitalizes on the current economic state of affairs presenting a new and different approach to banking.

Although the bank already had a logo QFIB commissioned Zaman to create a more structured brand identity and comprehensive guidelines to ensure consistent application of the brand to multiple environments. Additionally we created templates for annual reports & the corporate brochure.

To mark QFIB’s inauguration Zaman orchestrated an event at Doha’s I.M Pei Islamic Museum. All elements of the event from the invites – personalized with gold leaf calligraphy and sealed with gold wax, and presented in a hand stitched leather box, to layered lighting choreography, space architecture, welcome kit and gift items were designed to reinforce QFIB’s Islamic values of transparency and depth.

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