Below are a few typography-related articles and news from around the world that crossed our radar over the last couple of days. Enjoy!

1. Helvetica Or Garamond: Typography-Inspired Eyewear – Japanese company Type, draws inspiration from ‘Helvetica’ and ‘Garamond’ typeface and creates two lines of respective eyewear. Link here.

2. A Rustic Bespoke Typeface That Is Carved Out Of A Fallen Tree – London-based firm Carter Wong Design recently embarked upon a lovely hand-made project to create a bespoke typeface for organic clothing company Howies. The resulting font is named Castan—instead of creating the typeface digitally, the firm had the letters carved out of a tree before printing them out onto paper and uploading them onto the computer.

3. Top Web Fonts of 2013: Extensis Reports. Link here

4. 26 famous architects designed an alphabet – Archibet is an illustrated alphabet honoring 26 rock star architects, from Alvar Aalto to Zaha Hadid. Archibet is a playful spin on the idea of architectural design as visual communication, as letters are the primary building blocks of meaning. The project beautifully conflates architecture and typography. Link here.

5. Typeface Designer Creates Book That Teaches Toddlers About Typography – ‘The Clothes Letter Wears’ is a picture book that teaches toddlers about the different typefaces through illustrations that shows each font as text playing dress-up. This book also features the “Cabrito”, a custom typeface based on the Bookman Old Style that the designer has made for the project—it has been designed to be especially legible for young eyes. No doubt a great gift idea for designer friends & colleagues with tiny tots to start them of on the right career path :)  Link here