By Maryam Ahmed, Intern @ Zaman

Using many elements put together to form a whole aesthetic composition produces design. Those elements are represented by many mediums such as photography, illustration, shapes and colours as well as typography. Many of us take type for granted. We see type everywhere ranging from books to billboards and signs on the roads. Every day we are bombarded by huge amounts of products that use type. So what is type? Is it just a bunch of letters thrown together for us to read?

Interestingly, there is a whole science that studies type called Typography. Typography is a study of type arrangement by using various typefaces, font size and spacing to make reading clearer and more interesting. It is also a form of art where type is used to created aesthetical qualities in a piece.

When we think about type, we just imagine the old boring letters put together for reading. However, typography can have many lively characteristics and can represent many personalities. Also, some typefaces clash with each other, some look aesthetically appealing with each other; and some work better than others in terms of form and clarity. It is a whole field that one can explore. But who would actually think that you could actually play “dating” games using typography? Apparently, it exists.

Typography has been an important element in many posters for about one-hundred years now. It is apparent in many historical posters. In the history of typography many methods were explored in terms of using imagery with typography, and using typography as the only visual element in posters. Typography was also pushed to create illustrations out of type, which I find very appealing.

In general, typography has gone into many different directions and has been pushed beyond its normal boundaries in the creative world.