“To be a successful brand you cannot simply be a master of your global image, identity, and ambition. You must also understand how to translate this into the simple, day-to-day, and seemingly trivial interactions brands have with each and every customer. Because ultimately, this is what people really care about.” – via The Guardian

Branding exists in every moment of interaction between brand and customer. In every product, platform, digital interface, packaging, architectural space, app & even tweet. Brands that may be considered successful can only really create positive impressions with their customers if they are able to ensure that these moments are consistently engaging, compelling, authentic and mutually beneficial.

Similar to what we discussed in our previous post, the discipline of branding forces us to change our focus from carefully crafted messaging alone to real brand experience. Transcending the master plan to orchestrating individual moments.

Today we see a discernible shift by brands towards more service oriented thinking. However, while we applaud this, we also call on brands to focus on the relationship, the conversation, and the experience and how the elements of personalization & uniqueness can be maintained in that moment of brand-consumer interaction. Against the current backdrop of the techno driven society we operate in, leveraging the latest gadget as part of the marketing outreach mix may create short term reactions of a “wow” factor, in the long term brand managers must strive to achieve a balance of intuitiveness, engagement and reward in order to truly win the hearts & minds of customers.

At Zaman we appreciate the importance of this and this is visible in the work we have carried out over the past 17yrs of operations in the GCC. Right from the conceptualization stage of all projects we undertake we remain alert & attuned to realizing  new opportunities that will enable the reinforcement of the brand interaction across as many senses as possible.

While it may sound complicated, the takeaway here is that successful brands must be able see the big picture as well as having an eye for the detail. Every element of your product or service is in essence a conversation with your customer that needs careful consideration and investment. If you put the user at the centre and understand that the experience of your brand is in fact your brand, you are more likely to achieve brand longevity.