Do Brands Matter?

There is a lot of speculation on the fate of brands during the economic downturn. Many say they won’t sustain themselves. Some go further and are questioning the importance of brand identity and the meaning of luxury in adding happiness to people’s lives.

Why brands matter

Which Middle Eastern brand has invested in creativity to create a  happy workplace and build trust? Today’s client briefs, are all about saving money and making sales. The history of brands notes that their most efficient growth was achieved when they combined business strategies with meaningful purposes that served humanity and engaged the workforce. Brand guidelines were codes of ethics and their results were measured by their positive reputation.

Arab brands can survive. They’re in their infancy and can last during these trying times if they reflect the principles of Islam. To do that they must think in terms of equality, mutual respect, workforce engagement, and creating products and services that serve the community in positive ways. It is often in bad times that people engage in a more cooperative lifestyle. Arab companies can use the current economic reality to elevate their status globally.