Designing the workspace of the future

Those who have children who were born after 1980 will know that the only way to attract a fresh university graduate to be engaged in an office environment is to make it cool and fun. Gone are the days when It solutions and systems can solve great challenges. The Internet has allowed us to work from any station, opening the door for a lot more independence and balance between personal aspirations and business goals.

After the knowledge management and intranet in the 90, the buzz words today are health & fitness, hotel style reception areas, and flexible hours. The Millennial generation is much more tech savvy and eager to explore new ideas. They will be expecting a lot more from their environment.

Google created Googleplex where any employee can have direct access to Larry or Serjey  by bumping into them in the office café.

Here’s a caption that describes what they say about their offices

Our corporate headquarters, fondly nicknamed the Googleplex, is located in Mountain View, California. Today it’s one of our many offices around the globe. While our offices are not identical, they tend to share some essential elements. Here are a few things you might see in a Google workspace:

  • Local expressions of each location, from a mural in Buenos Aires to ski gondolas in Zurich, showcasing each office’s region and personality.
  • Bicycles or scooters for efficient travel between meetings; dogs; lava lamps; massage chairs; large inflatable balls.
  • Googlers sharing cubes, yurts and huddle rooms – and very few solo offices.
  • Laptops everywhere – standard issue for mobile coding, email on the go and note-taking.
  • Foosball, pool tables, volleyball courts, assorted video games, pianos, ping pong tables, and gyms that offer yoga and dance classes.
  • Grassroots employee groups for all interests, like meditation, film, wine tasting and salsa dancing.
  • Healthy lunches and dinners for all staff at a variety of cafés.
  • Break rooms packed with a variety of snacks and drinks to keep Googlers going.

So when you are considering how you could increase employee satisfaction or productivity, please note the following:


  • It absolutely does matter which color is painted on the wall and what desk is placed in the room.
  • Light isn’t just light. It can cause headaches and stress. Yet if used efficiently it can stimulate drive and focus.
  • To motivate an employee to produce better results, you need to create an inspiring platform
  • Males and Females are sensitive to different things in the environment and female employees are more concerned about their workplace surroundings than male employees
  • Different organizations need different styles
  • Does your work your space reflect your service value?
  • Is your space welcoming and caring?


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By Grace Yacoub