Managers of great brands are always looking for ways to express their brands in the finest details of execution. Why? Because if they are doing their job well then they know that every single encounter that a public audience has with your brand will either enhance its value or diminish it. The adoption of such an attitude towards managing/nurturing a successful brand is a sure way to ensure that management teams are bound to always stay curious about pushing the envelope to find ways to ensure that each customer experience of the brand is refreshing, unique and incites the customer to voluntarily seek out the same brand experience in the near future. Design is one of the fundamental elements of ensuring brand success. Whether through product design, web design or retail design, great brands create extraordinary experiences – brand “worlds” of sorts — that appeal to all the senses and use details and the interior environment decor to help express their brand personalities.

Most, if not all, brand managers should know that all the little things they actually do—or don’t do—for their customers will mean more to them than the big things they claim through their marketing messages. After all, not many advertising campaigns can compete with an impressive one-on-one brand experience that’s been designed down to the last detail and appeals to the human senses. Not surprisingly, some of the most memorable brand experiences are created by superior design elements.

Because well-crafted design elicits emotional responses, great brands use packaging design to stand out in the crowd and make powerful first impressions. The best packaging designs are not only emotionally appealing to customers; they also convey the unique meaning and value of the brand.  Packaging design alone can facilitate an emotional connection and bonds customers to brands.

Managers of great brands are always looking for ways to express their brands in the finest details of execution. In the next couple of weeks we’ll continue to explore which great brands in the Middle East have made some noteworthy strides to appeal to their customers’ senses and create strong emotional connections through design. If you think there are specific brands that must be included or elects explored, let us know here on our Facebook page.