Design Days Review

We recently visited Design Days, a key event now firmly fixed onto the annual Dubai calendar and held in its prime central location Downtown Dubai.

This year it seemed the event went all out in terms of organization and quality of the design displayed and anyone who attended and participated over the 4 day event, would definitely have felt the vibe throughout Dubai. It was also really encouraging to see designers from the Arab world creating furniture with such attention to quality, detail and intense thought behind such concepts.

It was hard to pick a winner in all this talent but we definitely had our favorites!

Two of the most outstanding items for us were from Michael Anastassiades and Victor Hunt Designart Dealer. Michael through his piece ‘Miracle chips’ (right picture) featured large rolled pieces of marble defying the technical engineering which built them. Victor Hunts mesmerizing piece ‘Million Times’ (left picture) was true to their gray zone interpretation of industrial design and craft.

Further highlights for us came from Latifa Saeed represented by Tashkeel, who created a beautiful braided sofa and armchair (left picture) and Nermeen Abu Dail represented by Naqsh design house who managed to build the narrative of Palestinian cities using a unique combination of embroidery with bronze on Corian surface (right picture).

The Design Terminal piece from the Hungarian National Centre for creative industries was also remarkable with Ivanka presenting embossed concrete tiles that were versatile in their usage (left picture) and Laszlo Lukas who managed to dazzle us with his glass work showing complex depth and perspectives (right picture).

Last but by no means least the Carwan Gallery proved to be a real delight, profiling a mix of Lebanese contemporary designers including Nada Debs and Karen Chekerdjian. Karen’s stunning copper vases were truly enchanting each one taking on its own individual sculptural form.

With such an array of rich talent and a fantastical electric atmosphere we are already looking forward to next year’s Design Days!