Creating events as brand experiences

A critical moment of interaction between brand and audience; events are the perfect opportunity for a brand to add dimensions to its existing relationships with its audiences.

Limited only by a budget and the imagination of a marketing team, events can take on any format by scale, venue or audience type. A critical face to face moment, as an investment, the event concept designed must both engage and entertain the audience whilst effectively delivering key messages. Simulating how the guest will interact with the brand before, during & after the event ensures a seamless event experience strengthening brand perception.

Therefore the attention to detail at all touch points is critical and the careful planning of the dynamic of each audience segment is important.

Below are a few elements in the event experience to consider when planning a corporate event.

Before the event – invites are the ideal tool to both set the tone – exclusivity, high profile, corporate, etc and also create excitement about the upcoming event. Invites need not just be informative in terms of details of the event, event organizers can experiment with ways of making the invites engaging or perhaps even a part of the brand experience.  See our case-study on the invitations we created for power company FAPCO’s royal event.

Guests – staging an event with a high profile guest list demands for provisions to be made for additional security detailing and a fluid event program that ensures both VIP and other guests enjoy the entire event experience.

Gifts – are a powerful tool both as brand reminders and can also be used to complete the event experience. A good brand/event gift is one that is relevant to the message, has functional use for the invited guests & has a shelf life that goes beyond the event.

Event content – the messages & format of the message delivery must be carefully planned – the speeches by nominated speakers, corporate presentations, multimedia employed & any other tools to keep the audience fully engaged at all times are very important. Also companies must bear in mind that events offer the perfect opportunity to create additional branded content for future use e.g. recordings of an inaugural event (guest testimonials, etc) can later be used to promote any similar events in the future. See our case study on the exhibition gallery we created for the Al Ain City Municipality’s inaugural Al Ain Photographia Award.

Paying attention, at the very least, to the points above will set you as an event organizer on the right path to ensure your event is both successful & memorable. Below are a few links to past events organized by Zaman:

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