Creating a lifestyle in Sorouh’s exhibition stand at Cityscape Abu Dhabi

Having recently evolved the Sorouh brand’s customer proposition to be more attuned to what matters to customers, Zaman was asked to work on the Sorouh stand for Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2012 to bring the brand to life on the stand. A huge investment attracting the most important of stakeholders the stand had to stand proud whilst delivering a clearly differentiated experience.

Zaman applied Sorouh’s brand identity system to the exhibition stand, streamlining the brand tagline “Places that matter” to create unique experiences for four key development projects – Alghadeer, Shams, Boutik & Al Rayyana. For each Zaman created distinct areas complete with the existing models and presentation videos. We then integrated into the spaces the very personal ‘moment’ images that had we created as part of the brand evolution project. The exterior walls represented the Sorouh developer brand and while allocated spaces within the stand were utilised carefully selected imagery & elements to target audience specific lifestyles, resulting in stylish experiential installations.

For the retail concept, Boutik, we created a striking shop window that reflected the range of outlets and services that will be available. Using mannequin hands to hold the display items the installation was strikingly creative yet informative. Its position on the main front corner captures attention. For the high rise, metropolitan Shams development we recreated a ‘his and hers’ walk-in wardrobe stylishly stocked with clothes and items that reflect an active, successful and professional lifestyle.  For the Alghadeer development we emphasized its green and natural environment and outdoor lifestyle by creating a green wall with a bicycle leaning against it and a child’s tree swing. For Al Rayyana, which emphasizes its easy sense of community and neighbourhood, we recreated a ‘just dropped in for a coffee’ scene with a table of coffee cups, chocolate cake, fruit bowl and flowers integrated into a backdrop kitchen image.

By creating these detailed scenes, captured realistically from within the project inner space, audiences could see, feel and more easily relate to the key elements of the individual lifestyle proposition of each development. Parallel to this Sorouh also wanted to communicate its ongoing commitment to the UAE’s vibrant local art scene so they commissioned 3 local artists to create art for the stand responding to the brief “What matters to you?”. The art works were hung partly completed and the artists were then invited to complete their respective works during Cityscape Abu Dhabi. The element of a live performance enabled a unique interaction between artists and visitors creating a positive experience for both; and a clear expression of Sorouh’s commitment to delivering what matters to people.

By John Eccles – Zaman MD