A vehicle to deliver your brand proposition in a memorable way, and over a significant period of time (365 days), calendars present the perfect tool to engage your customers and partners; ensuring your brand stays top of mind.

An under-valued component in a company’s marketing toolbox; a bespoke calendar can engage your target audiences on a number of levels; from practical to aesthetic. Limited only by imagination, calendars are a powerful canvas to showcase the personality and breadth of a company’s business portfolio – your brand’s Trojan horse that will sit on your customer’s desk for the entire year.

Through the exploration of elements such as imagery style, print materials used, inclusion of brand-specific information, calendar format (wall hanging vs. desk planner vs. a business diary-cum-organizer) or an artistic incorporation of your corporate brand colours; the custom combination of all these dimensions makes for an impactful way to reinforce your brand’s strongest attributes.

Over the years we’ve designed bespoke calendars for a number of our clients as an extension of their brand stationery suite. Additionally, every year we’ve created a limited edition of our own Zaman calendar, using a template that is customized to a selected theme of the year inspired by elements of Arab culture. You can read previous posts on our calendar here & here

Whether you’re a large family group or a niche startup, in the oil & gas industry or hospitality; regardless of the nature of your business operations and size, the opportunities for tailoring your calendar to the needs of your key audiences are endless:

  • Display your company’s personality through the use of vibrant imagery.
  • Promote your product portfolio by including specific useful reference information.
  • Service-oriented brands can present metaphors for the services you provide.
  • Cultivate an emotional connection by showcasing your employees and letting them tell your brand story.
  • Create bespoke calendars that can be used as high value gifts for key associates and partners.
  • Celebrate brand heritage and milestones by creating a reference for historical dates or future significant events for your business.
  • Help clients remember key industry dates incorporating reminders in the calendar.
  • Keep employees motivated and engaged throughout the year as you work towards your desired business goals.
  • Showcase your local environment by promoting events/icons and any projects you’ve undertaken in your community.

As 2012 steadily draws to an end, now is the time to take a sideways look at your brand and determine what statement you want to make in 2013. Below are more snapshots of calendars we’ve created to inspire you. Let these important desktop tools engage your audience with bespoke stories about your company and what matters to you.

Get in touch with Zaman today and let our design team help you create calendars that your customers look forward to receiving year after year. / +971 4 326 1000