Case-study: Long-time supplier to the industrial sector Jengan was ideally situated to provide advice and guidance to clients who needed support in identifying quality products.

The UAE’s open trade environment contributed to an expansive product range, in both quality and price. This reality became a unique opportunity to position the company as a trusted partner for clients’ confused by the range of options. To strengthen its position as the trusted industry partner Jengan’s management strengthened its local corporate brand to match that of its internationally recognized product line.

Training sessions for employees and a series of other complementary initiatives enabled them to become more service-oriented. This contributed greatly to enabling the company to widen the gap between itself and its competitors. Extending this to Jengan’s environment, in this case the showroom, was a critical component of the new plan. Zaman’s design team worked to make Jengan’s showroom became visibly different from its competitors to reinforce its image as ‘more than a mere provider of products’. The showroom environment incorporated a unique graphic system to reflect Jengan’s new client-oriented mandate and reinforce its focus on service and expertise, which says: “we’re here to help you make the right choice and support you after the choice is made” through installation services and customer care.

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