Case study – Embedding Brand Values for a Principled Group

What happens when one of the most prominent family Groups in the GCC wants to re-brand itself? Al Fahim Group is one of the oldest Group of companies that started over five decades ago with the rise of modern Abu Dhabi. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi its founder Abdul Jalil Al Fahim was a close friend of the late Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and he built his company along the same set of strong ethics and principles the late Sheikh begin the industrialization of the UAE.

The company is steadily growing after 50 years in business and with more than 3000 employees, it has now become one of the most prominent players in the region. Zaman was invited to create a contemporary identity to reflect the essence of the company’s heritage and its vision for the future. The launch of this new identity would be launched alongside the company’s celebration of its 50th anniversary.

Project highlights:

Understanding the brand – With a workforce of 3,000 people, the sheer size and diverse portfolio of the company required a full ‘soak and scope’/ understanding of Al Fahim’s business through and thorough as well as identify any discrepancies between its communicated brand positioning over the decades and its actual brand perception among its customers and other stakeholders.

Weaving a unique brand story – We then embarked on creating a brand architecture that incorporated elements of the Groups’ heritage and past celebrated milestones, with the present-day Al Fahim Group and the distinct identities and business goals of its subsidiaries together with the future plans and mission of the Group. The idea was to create strong and clear identity of the Al Fahim parent brand which would serve as a platform to elevate its current and future business subsidiaries.

‘Our Values, Our Future’, the adoption of a new identity – Once the brand story had been defined and translated into the slogan ‘Our Values, Our Future’ as well as a simple typeface representing the initials of the brand, the Zaman team devised a structured program to rollout the new identity, first internally: through a series of workshops, a top-down approach, educating senior management to get a buy-in and cascade the messaging throughout the group thus creating ownership. Second, externally – with an entire workforce on board the new brand identity we devised a communications blueprint to streamline messaging across support marketing activities active – namely advertising, direct marketing and experience-led events.

Zaman’s thoughts:

The process of re-branding, be it for an old brand with a rich heritage such as the Al Fahim Group or newer younger businesses requires the same amount of due diligence. One of the most important steps we take when working with our clients on a re-brand is to help them articulate their perceived motives for a re-brand and to challenge them to envision timeless identities that will last for decades more.