“Brownbook is the next generation of Middle Eastern magazines”- KARL LAGERFELD

Brownbook reports authentic stories and tells us why they deserve to be  in the top ten most voted 100  Authentic Arab Brands Competiton.

Currently at the time of writing this blog post  Brownbook is holding 97 votes.

Brownbook is the essential guide to the contemporary Middle East. More than four years since its launch, Brownbook has explored offbeat subjects with an outlook across the entire region – from Tehran to Casablanca. Brownbook believes in discovering and reporting on the inspiring stories of this creative part of the world.

Brownbook has successfully remained independent and is one of the most widely read magazines in Dubai and the Middle East. With its extensive, focused coverage, this is a ‘must-have’ lifestyle guide for switched-on urbanites.

The magazine includes five different sections: Lifestyle, Design, Agenda, Travel, and Fashion.

  • Lifestyle

In this section, we aim to introduce the Middle East to itself again and meet people with businesses, big ideas, friendly faces, and a plan for the future.

  • Design

Split into three sections: Architecture sets great urban creations in the context of their city, Concept explores new ideas in the field of art and design, and Residence glimpses homes dreamed-up by artists, writers, musicians, and architects.

  • Agenda

In-depth reports in which, Brownbook examines the issues that the Middle East faces through a lens of arts, design, and most importantly, people.

  • Travel

Go surfing in Yemen, skiing in Iran, treasure-hunting in Baku: Brownbook seeks out obscure destinations and new takes on MENA’s well-trodden escapes.

  • Fashion

Carefully selected apparel that appeals to our core readership across the region.


Brownbook is unique, and it’s necessary for empowering talents’ YAFFA ASSOULINE

‘Brownbook reintroduces the Middle East to itself ’ MARCEL WANDE RS

‘While most publications are decidedly mainstream, an independent title called Brownbook concerns itself with less obvious aspects of Middle Eastern culture such as emerging artists, off-the-beaten- path travel options and innovative Arab inspired design’ NEWSWEEK USA