Robert Redford talks brands at Cannes

CANNES 2011 – A good brand needs to have “authenticity” and “quality” to resonant with consumers in the 21st Century, according to Hollywood legend Robert Redford.

The star of ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ turned independent film producer, was speaking in a wide-ranging interview with Yahoo at the Cannes 2011 Festival of Creativity yesterday (21 June).

He said: “Authenticity and quality are key to great brands. Both lead to trust, and you have to have a certain amount of integrity to achieve that.”

After many years in front of the camera, Redford now manages his own brand, the Sundance Festival and Channel, which showcases smaller indie productions and recognises upcoming talent and creativity.

Redford explained the premise behind his Sundance empire is to nurture creativity and upcoming talent.

He said: “Nobody votes for a new idea. If no one believes in you, you’re going to have to grind it out yourself.”

In words of encouragement for those pushing the boundaries of creativity, he added: “You have to look at failure not as the end of the road, but as a step forward.”

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