For Art Dubai’s 2012-2013 branding and PR campaign, the organizers are turning to the UAE community-at-large: inviting artists, photographers and arts enthusiasts to collaborate and contribute to a visual narrative that will reflect Dubai’s essence and its varied urban fabric. A crowdsourcing-driven initiative, Art Dubai has issued an open call to the public to send in photos that reflect their experiences of Dubai, in an aim to shed light on Dubai’s diversity and capture its many layers and nuances.

This project follows what has now become Art Dubai’s annual tradition of inviting an artist or collective to participate in creating the fair’s branding in the build-up to the fair each March. In 2009, the fair collaborated with Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin; in 2010, with Sinisa Vlajkovic; in 2011, with Sam Irons; and in 2012 with Dubai-based photographer Mohamed Somji (Mohamed also worked with us as a member of the Al Ain Photographia Award 2011 during panel).

According to the brief on Art Dubai’s website – visuals received will be woven together into a series of collages by Art Dubai’s creative director, Hani Charaf, who created the campaign. Submitted images, which can be taken with a camera, phone, in colour or black and white, or using instagram, hipstamatic or any other type of app, could be featured throughout the year in the lead up to the fair; in adverts and magazines from across the world, on billboards and in catalogues, on tote bags and on our website, among other collateral.

We applaud the organizers of Art Dubai for endeavouring to evolve this platform to make it more inclusive. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing the whole thing come together and hope that a few of our own pictures will also be selected to weave this narrative of Dubai. Submissions close on January 15th, 2013. More details on the criteria for entries available here.